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Akathiya 100% Natural Organic Indigo Leaf Powder for Hair Colour - 250Gms


Indigo PowderIndigo powder is extracted and formulated from squashed and compressed leaves of the Indigo plant. It has a green tinge in its raw form and dyes the hair with a dark blue shade. To dye hair black naturally, Henna is first as a base after which Indigo powder is applied for a darker color. It is safe to use Indigo as it does not trig..

Akathiya Natural Indigo Powder and Henna Powder Combo for Hair Color (each 100g)


HENNA Henna, popularly known as Mehendi is one of the most beneficial medicinal plants. It is a deeply replenishing herbal conditioner and colorant, that nourishes hair leaving them shiny, soft and silky. It heals the hair shafts and prevents breakage by repairINDIGOIt is used to give a natural color to the hair. It also smoothens out the tan..

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