Frequently Asked Question about selling on our site

Our website provides you with right opportunity to sell your products and make more profits. If you are dealing with Islamic and Muslim fashion products, you are at right place to start selling.  You can always contact through phone call or e-mail for starting on, but here are the few frequently asked questions and their answers which can help you understand how it works.

Who can sell on

Answer: Anyone who has valid govt. license to sell in India and selling Islamic & Muslim fashion products can sell on our site.

How to register as a seller on

Answer: Simple, go to our website, click on the ‘sell with us’ icon, fill the registration form & submit. We will come back to you in shortest possible time.

What are the documents required for registering with

Answer:  PANCARD, VAT /CST number & Bank account details.

What products can be sold on

Answer: Any products which are new and permitted by law to sell online can be sold.

What are the charges charge for selling own the site?

Answer: Listing on website is free however on every sale that happens on our site, we charge certain percentage as facility charge which we will share at the time of Registration.

How to list my products on

Once your registration is approved you can login and add products however we will work closely with you to list your products on our site. Our executives will call you and help you on listing.

How selling on works?

Answer: You list your product our, customer come to our site, see the product and buy them. Once it is bought you will get an email. You have to send the products. After confirmation from customer of receipt of product deposits your payment in your account after deducting all charges.

When can I sell?

You register with us with required documents. After checking the documents we approve your registration. Soon after approval of your registration you can add products and sell.

How many days it takes to get my payment?

Answer: There are 2 types of purchase.

1.       Cash sales-Sales that is happened through Credit cards, Debit Cards or netbanking.

2.       Credit sales-Cash on delivery

In case of sales happening on cash sales, we usually deposit your payments 7 days after customer received the product & there is no complaint is raised by customer.

In case of credit sales payment is collected by courier companies and they deposit in our account. Generally it takes 21 days (from the day customer receives the product) to realize this kind of sale.

Can I stop selling on

Answer: Yes, anytime you can stop selling by informing us.

What if a customer complaints about the product?

Answer: We will investigate the problem, if the product received by customer defective or not as per listing or damaged; you are liable for expenses attracted due to this.

I am not comfortable with Cash on Delivery option, can I choose other payment methods?

Answer: Yes, during the listing of your product, you can select the any payment method you accept.

I don’t know how to list products on, what to do?

Answer: Simply send us a mail or call our seller contact number, we will help you on how to take photographs, how to do listing

For other question please feel free to contact us on