Welcome to Mubarakdeals! Your search for community, cultural and ethno-specific products ends here. Be it apparel, attires for those favorite festivities and celebrations, or products for more personal and intimate occasions, we offer a one-stop solution for all such needs!

We realized that most of our community faced difficulties regarding their choice and therein lack of variety of products available in the existing e-commerce world that are closer to their hearts, ethnicity, culture, and beliefs. To fill this void, we bring to you our very own unique e-commerce platform that will expand your product perspective and fulfill your specific requirements under one roof.

Mubarakdeals is the home base for products that are predominately ethically sourced and marketed, halal-certified, organic, and environment friendly, with a huge emphasis on recycling and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Our values, commitment, and resolve to serve our customers with the utmost respect, transparency, and integrity are our USP.

 Every purchase is a contribution that supports the lives of millions, from sellers to customers, our employees, and the communities we serve. We ensure professionalism with our collaborators, from the sellers to the buyers for a great consumer experience.

We strive for mutual growth in every aspect of our business. It leads us to create great opportunities through our best strategies and capabilities, ensure reliability for our brand among customers, employees, and the communities.

Mubarakdeals want to create easy access to contemporary and sustainable products with a single click, thereby bringing the combination of ethical and affordable products from trusted brands throughout India to your doorsteps.

New-age India demands quality and a variety of products that they can access from the comfort of their homes. 

 Being a bridge between our trusted sellers and consumers is a huge responsibility. The fair- trade business model is our goal. We are gradually gearing up for developing the one-stop solution for innovative and unmatched products.

 With strong resolve and commitment to achieve customer expectations, Mubarakdeals will surely become a household name for ethical wear and other everyday needs.


  • Mubarakdeals Ethical Code

 We, at Mubarakdeals, believe in providing high-quality products that are ethical, sustainable, and beneficial in every way. Our business activities are conducted with a high level of trust, honesty, and integrity. Business transparency is our core value. From seller to consumer everything is comprehensible and well defined. Our customers can expect the same high ethical standards from our suppliers, manufacturers, and traders.


  • Our Customers

Our goal is to bring convenient access to all available quality products matching consumer needs. We aim to bring the best quality products for our customers. We make sure the products sold on our platform are ethical, safe, natural, and cruelty-free with pure goodness. We ensure and expect the same from our manufacturers and suppliers.


Every order will be processed on time and assure excellent services. Keeping up the promise, our every activity will reflect towards best customer service. We welcome all customers who visit us as our family, regardless of their purchase or not.


  •  Our Manufacturers & Suppliers

Maintaining quality is our priority. We make certain that our customers have the best experience every time. A fair profit is ensured for every seller. Along with the verified quality and maintaining the code of ethical standards, we expect honest practices and correct measures while approving any product.


The termination of our relationship is based on the violation of quality norms and the pre-established company’s ethical and fair practices rules. To avoid this, corrective measures shall be taken immediately with an effective solution. 


All the products delivered by the manufacturer and supplier must fulfill the quality and safety standards as per the applicable law. When collaborating with Mubarakdeals, the sellers must comply with the quality standards. To assure quality cross-checking, we conduct our research and audit seriously.


We at Mubarakdeals neither offer nor accept any kind of unethical inducements in any form of gifts, or incentives from our manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Our Employees:

Employees working for Mubarakdeals or our vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, shall adhere to the harmony of mandatory industry standards and applicable laws. For any kind of queries or conflict between stakeholders (Vendors/sellers/suppliers, etc.), the concerned can connect with us anytime. Proper action will be taken immediately. We are committed to providing a clean work environment and safety for all our employees and expect the same from our business partners, vendors, suppliers, and associates. Employee compensation will be fair and as per the applicable rules, along with the liberty of giving suggestions, opinions, and advice freely. We ensure an open channel policy towards criticism and complaints.


The dignity of every employee is important. We strive to safeguard them and their basic human rights in every possible way from any kind of work pressure, harassment, or disrespect. We encourage communicating frequently for a healthy workplace environment.


  • A Token of Love

We highly appreciate everyone’s contribution towards Mubarakdeals, to make it better, efficient and much loved. Mubarakdeals was a dream turned into a reality today. With your support, we hope to make a difference, Insha'Allah!


Enjoy Shopping on mubarakdeals.com with the assurance of utmost quality and reliable products.