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Buy Nourishing Baby Foods at and Ensure the Health and Happiness of Your Little Ones. Explore, Choose, and Provide the Best Start with Our Thoughtfully Selected Collection of Baby Foods. Select from a Variety of Nutrient-Packed Options to Support Your Baby's Growth and Development.
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Babyvita OurKids Health Boost Powder - 400gm Pack for 2-12 years


OurKids Health Boost Powder by Babyvita:Catering to the nutritional needs of children aged 2 to 12 years, Babyvita presents OurKids Health Boost Powder. Packed with essential nutrients, including high energy, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, this specially designed food supplement supports robust immune..


Babyvita Nutrient-Rich Family Health Mix Powder - 400gm Pack


Elevate your family's well-being with Babyvita Nutrient-Rich Family Health Mix Powder, a carefully curated blend of 21 valuable natural ingredients. This time-honored food product combines cereals, millets, beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and spices to offer a wholesome and convenient dietary choice for individuals aged 2 years and above.Our moder..


Babyvita Immune-Boosting Ragi Powder Mix - 300gm Pack


Introducing Babyvita Immune-Boosting Ragi Powder Mix, a time-honored tradition blended with modern nutritional expertise. Crafted using cutting-edge machinery and expert supervision, this product retains its natural qualities. Known for its immune-boosting and digestion-improving properties, it's an excellent choice for enhancing overall well-being..


Babyvita Nutrient-Rich Rice Banana Powder Mix - 300gm Pack


Embrace the wholesome goodness of Traditional Babyvita with our Rice Banana Powder Mix. Crafted with a blend of dehydrated Nendran bananas, Navara rice, regular rice, muthanga (nut grass), sugar, and cardamom, this product follows a time-tested recipe that echoes the flavors of Grandma's kitchen. At Traditional Babyvita, we're committed to using na..


Babyvita Kannankaya Powder - 300gm Pack


Discover the richness of Kannankaya Powder by Traditional Babyvita. Crafted from premium kannankaya sourced directly from local farmers and farmer groups, this product is a true embodiment of tradition and quality. The manufacturing process, overseen by experts, ensures the preservation of its rich nutritional profile, abundant in carbohydrates, mi..


Babyvita - Nutrient Rich Nendran Banana Powder - 300gm Pack


Traditional Babyvita is your trusted source for wholesome, natural products, and their Banana Powder is no exception. Crafted from raw Nendran bananas, renowned for their high carbohydrate content, essential minerals, and dietary fiber, this product reflects our commitment to purity. Our manufacturing process is free from preservatives and chemical..


Babyvita Nendran Banana Wheat Mix - 300gm Pack


Introducing Babyvita's time-honored blend - the Nendran Banana Wheat Mix. At Babyvita, we specialize in creating natural products, and our Wheat Banana Mix is a testament to our commitment to purity. Crafted from dehydrated Nendran bananas, de-husked wheat, muthanga (nut grass), sugar, and cardamom, this mix follows the cherished wisdom of our Gran..


Babyvita Wheat Apple Nutrient Mix - 300gm Pack


Babyvita presents the Wheat Apple Nutrient Mix, a time-honored dietary delight encapsulated in a 300gm pack. Crafted through traditional recipes passed down through generations, this mix seamlessly blends the goodness of apple, wheat, cardamom, and nutgrass.Scientifically processed with cutting-edge machinery under expert supervision, the mix prese..

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