Indian Costus

The Islamic digestive bitter medicine of the prophet. The prophet PBUH said "Use Ud-Al Hindi (Qust Al Hindi / Indian costus) for it cures seven diseases (Bukhari 5713),

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AL MASNOON Qust Al Hindi / Oud Hindi /Indian costus Root Powder 100 GRMS

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Dosage Form: PowderNet Quantity: 1.00 countThis is a Vegetarian product.About this item    Crafted with care to perfection    It will be an excellent pick for you    Ergonomic and functionalHEALTH BENEFITS OF COSTUS ROOT Treat Fever. It increases heat in the body. Reduces blood pressure. Reduces fat. Fig..


AL MASNOON Qust al Hindi/ Oud Oindi / Indian Costus Root Powder 50 GMS 100% pure & natural


Ingredients: Pure indian costus rootItem Weight: 50 GramsDiet Type: VegetarianProduce sold as: Pre-packagedAbout this item    Al masnoon qust al hindi powder    Its of 50 gms    Has health benefitAL MASNOON Qust al hindi powder..

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