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Duasphere Diary


Duaa Sphere Diary: A treasure of duas for the well-being of our little souls that will guard them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually...

My Body Safety Book for muslim kids


Every child deserves to grow safe, secure, and loved..Children 8 years and above can read it on their own. Younger children will need adult assistance to read.All children should be engaged in conversations while reading this book. This will help them process their thoughts and get more out of it Inshaa Allaah.What it covers:Your body is an am..

My salah universe


In ' MY SALAH UNIVERSE', you will discoverSalah Universe Activity Book: It introduces the child to the basic requirements and the significance of Salah featuring planners, mazes etc..Salah Rainbow Mat: It aims to reiterate to the child, the vastness of Allah’s creations so that he is grateful to his Creator, every time he offers Sala..

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