Benefits of Kalonji [Black seed] and How to use it? A complete guide to followlete guide to followe Nabwi Barley Recipe:

Kalonji also known as Black seeds are of great importance in the fitness and/or health industry. Usage has demonstrated tremendous significance in terms of how individual lifestyles have improved.
Kalonji oil is extracted by cold compression method from its seeds.
Kalonji or black cumin is used in multiple ways including – as spices, mainly used and harvested in various parts of India,
It has also shown to have great medicinal properties, which we will be discussing further,  
It is one of the oldest known seeds and their use is commonly seen in countries such as South Africa, India, Europe and Arab.
Do you know the Arabic quoted Black seeds as ‘Habbatul barakah’ meaning the seed of blessing?

Benefits of Kalonji :

  • To reduce Stomach Ulcers :

Kalonji has shown its benefits to reduce painful stomach ulcers in both genders effectively. Have a spoonful of Kalonji oil and you are good to go. ( We suggest referring a doctor if the problem is severe.)

  • Helps reduce Chronic Headaches:

Rubbing a small amount of Kalonji oil on your forehead can do wonders!

  • Treat oral problems :

Dental diseases or dental issues can be effectively treated by using Kalonji oil.  

Placing a Kalonji oil-soaked cotton onto the affected area for 15 minutes can help in the relief of the pain. Follow this for a week to see quicker and more effective results.

  • Treatment of haemorrhoids :

The Black seed oil has a component known as Thymoquinone which has anti-inflammatory properties. This component aids in reducing piles both external and internal.

Drinking a teaspoon of Kalonji oil both in the morning and afternoon will give you beneficial outcomes.

  • Reduces Inflammation :

Diseases such as Acne vulgaris, Psoriasis have been found to be treated due to the ethanolic extract obtained from Kalonji seeds. According to studies using 20% of N. Sativa oil extract in the lotion formulation has better effectiveness.               

  • Helps in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus 2 :

Patients with diabetes who regularly consume Kalonji have experienced wonderful results.

According to research, N. Sativa supplementation improves total cholesterol, mean arterial pressure and heart rate in type 2 diabetes patients on oral hypoglycemic agents.

  • Reduces Infection :

Kalonji seeds were found to be effective in the treatment of Covid 19 infection. Yup, you can read it again if you want to. The active component Thymoquine present in the Nigella Sativa inhibits cytokine which ultimately reduces the lung infection caused by Covid 19.

These were a few of the benefits of Kalonji. In addition to this, Kalonji has other miraculous qualities that are believed to be advantageous to you.

Let’s take a deeper dive and find what other properties Kalonji seeds have and how to use them:

How to use Black seed/Kalonji for weight loss :

Black seeds have shown positive results for people aiming to lose weight. Kalonji has proven to increase metabolism and is widely being used to get a toned and healthy body in various parts of the world.

Having Kalonji with a glass of warm water on a regular basis can give you the desired results.

Do try out AL MASNOON Honey Kalonji which has combined beneficial properties of both Kalonji and Honey. Not only this, it is proven to be 100 % natural and pure.

How to use Black seed oil for skin :

Black seed oil is being incorporated into various lotions, creams, cosmetics and various other topical agents all thanks to its antibacterial properties.

You can either directly apply Kalonji oil on the affected areas to get rid of blemishes, hydrate skin etc.  


You can also use Kalonji oil as a face mask and/or as a face wash, this AL MASNOON HONEY KALONJI SOAP is best for the treatment of all sorts of acne and pimples.

Plus point? The soap can be used by all genders and makes skin soft and supple in no time.

Kalonji seeds were also found to be effective in the treatment of chronic diseases such as eczema, blisters, psoriasis and many more topical ailments.

How to use Black seed oil for hair growth :

Suffering from bad-quality hair? The antihistamine properties of Black seed oil can help you.

Fun fact: Doctors prescribe antihistamines to patients suffering from baldness.

 Now. What more proof do you want?

Simply massage your hair for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with water to gain soft, shiny, healthy-looking hair.

Make sure you are patient for at least 3-4 months to see visible results.

Al Jamal hair oil infused with Amla and Black seeds is thought to help you with improving your hair texture, prevent hair fall, grow new hair, and promote longer and stronger hair growth.

Kalonji has also been shown to prevent greying of hair.

These were a few benefits of Kalonji on your weight, hair and skin and how to effectively use them. These tips are generic and if you are suffering from any sort of severe illness we recommend consulting a healthcare specialist to avoid any future discrepancies

Dosage for Kalonji per day :

4 or even 5 seeds of Kalonji a day are more than enough to be consumed regularly.

You can either have it directly in the form of seeds or have it kept overnight in a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach.

If you are drinking Kalonji oil, it is best to consume 3-5 ml of it. The doses have shown effective results in the overall well-being of the heart.

History of Kalonji seeds / Black seeds :

Kalonji holds a special place in the history of Islam. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)  has recommended the use of Kalonji regularly. It is a Tibb–Nabwi.

According to a hadith, narrated by Khalid bin Sa`d, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said:   “The Black seeds have the cure for all diseases except death.“

Its use has been found in various other prestigious traditional systems including Ayurveda and Tibb.

What is the best time to take black seed ?

Black seeds can be taken either early in the morning i.e., empty stomach or even at bedtime.
You can also have your Kalonji seeds with or after meals;

Is black seed good before bed ?

Yes! Black seeds are good before bed. It would be better if you have your dinner early so by the time you are about to sleep your stomach is almost empty.

How long does black seed take to work ?

It takes approximately 2-3 months for black seeds/Kalonji to show its effect. Pairing it up with a healthy diet and lifestyle can reduce the time.

Who should not take black seed/Kalonji ?

Kalonji seeds slow down the clotting process,it’s best to avoid before and just after a surgery.
As mentioned earlier, pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid Kalonji usage. Best if childrens avoid it as well.


Although Kalonji or Black seed is a power-packed element with great health benefits, proper thorough research is yet to be done in pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Too much intake of Kalonji has also reported cases of low blow sugar as well.

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