Looking for elegant abayas online but don’t know how to pick the perfect abaya? Look no further sis, you are at the right stop.

Before we begin, let’s just get an idea of what Abayas are

An abaya is a modest clothing attire which is generally black and covers your body from your shoulders to the bottom
With the forever-changing trends, it gets hard to cope with the different kinds of styles that would suit you.

Not only this but purchasing an abaya online is a hefty job if you are new at it.

To make your job easier here’s a list for you to take note of before you start shopping for your dream abaya online:

  • Style
  • Cloth fabric
  • Length
  • Size
  • Colour
  • design
  • Authentication of the website
  • Reviews of the customers
  • Delivery services


Well, style is subjective. There are different types of abayas available at the market depending on your taste including :

Closed abaya :

These abayas are classic abayas with buttons. If needed this can also be styled as an open abaya by not buttoning it up.

Open abaya:

These abayas are classic abayas with no buttons. However few sites do offer buttons.

Batwing abaya:

These abayas have sleeves which extend to the arms.

These sleeves may be attached with the regular abaya colour or can also be of contrasting colours attached to the abaya.

Sheer abaya:

The abayas come in sheer material at the sleeves and the lower back.

Full Abaya:

This abaya is a perfect option for all those who enjoy going out in their Pajamas without being caught lol.

These abayas cover your whole body up to your feet. Good for quick errands whilst looking presentable.

Maxi abaya:

Unlike full abaya, these cover all your body parts including your feet. A good way to level up your hijab journey.   

Portrait abaya:

These abayas help you define your body shape. Hugs your body very well giving you the sleek look perfect for festive wear.

Now that you have understood the types of abayas, let’s further dig deep into which style would suit your body type.

Human bodies have varying types of bodies.

Before purchasing an abaya online or any sort of attire in general, it’s important to be aware of the body type you have.

This will help you in enhancing your body features, your look, and for a little part your abaya as well.

There are mainly 8 common body types including :

  • Pear shape
  • Hourglass shape
  • Top hourglass shape
  • Bottom hourglass shape
  • Spoon shape
  • Athletic shape
  • Diamond shape
  • Round shape

For pear-shaped women who have wider hips as compared to busts and shoulders, sleeves which are fuller/fluffy can help you achieve a balanced look.

For hourglass figures with similar bust and hip size and smaller waist go for abayas which focus on your waist.

For athletic figures meaning those with straight or rectangle body figures styling your abayas with belts can amp up your style. These days this style is common among other types of figures too and it’s a sign for you to hop on this trend too.

Cloth fabric of the abaya :

Crepe: It has a crisp, wrinkled texture. It is a breathable and flowy material allowing free movement.  

Nidha: This material has 2 subtypes and is best for summer wear. Made from 100% Polyester.

Georgette: Either made from raw silk or synthetic. Has a matte finish and is lightweight. A bit similar to crepe.

Denim: Mostly cotton is used to prepare this fabric. Good for high utility abayas although not a very breathable material.

Viscose: Used as a silk substitute and prepared from wood pulp this fabric gives you the luxury feel perfect for any of your special evenings.

Cotton: One of the most common cloth materials used in the world. Cotton is a very comfortable material and Cotton abaya can be used for daily chores.

Silk: Silk fabrics are very high-quality materials and are soft to the touch. Perfect for grand events.

Satin: It has a soft and shiny feel and drapes your body perfectly.

Length of the abaya :

While buying online it does get difficult to figure out the length of the abayas, generally, the websites do have a description field allowing you to check out the varieties in the length of the abayas.

A perfect-length abaya according to YOUR features can help you elevate your complete look.  

Size of the abaya:

You can generally find this section under the pictures or in the description box.

Small(S), Medium(M), Large(L) : these are the basic body sizes. Of course, there are more sub-divisions under these body sizes.

It is important for you to be familiar with your body sizes before buying an abaya or anything online, to be fair.

Colour of the abaya:

All thanks to the development of the fashion industry, the market has n number of colours to choose from. While this is not the main issue.

The actual issue here is how the colour appears on the screen, especially in this case where we are focused on online shopping.

To better understand the colour, try to check out the pictures in different lighting conditions, if available.

If not, small businesses and/or in some cases authentic businesses wouldn’t shy away to share more pictures of the abaya

Design of the abaya:

Nowadays, there’s a wide range of designs available for us to choose from. With high-quality cameras and pictures, you can perfectly make out the kind of design on the abayas.

Few websites also have a “zoom” feature allowing you to get a closer look at the design and fabric used for the abayas.

Make sure to use this feature to the fullest to save yourself from future disappointments (god-forbid)

Authentication of the website:

Make sure the website you are purchasing from is authentic.

You can check whether an e-commerce website is legit by:

  • Checking the website’s social media presence,
  • Thoroughly checking the website interface,
  • Check google transparency reports,
  • Confirm contact details

Reviews of the customers:

Look out for customers’ reviews on the product page and also on their social media handles.
No comments or bad reviews indicate something fishy and it’s best to avoid shopping from these sites.

Delivery services:

Online Frauds has reached its limits and how. Fake websites do deliver packages but when you open them you find waste papers, plastics, cardboard etc 🙁

To avoid such mischievous behaviour it is better to take precautions and open the package while recording.

You can put this recording on the internet to prevent others from falling into the trap.

With this, we come to an end, definitely online shopping is scary but when done right it’s the best place for all your needs.

Mubarakdeals.com is one such website which can help you find the abaya according to your requirements.

Payments made are safe and secure and on-time delivery is a plus point.

Happy shopping!!

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