Indian Costus (Qust al Hindi) – Health Benefits, precautions and its Side Effects

Indian Costus (Qust al Hindi) – Health Benefits, precautions and its Side Effects

Indian Costus also known as Qust al Hindi is one of the most precious herbs found to date.
Its benefits include aiding digestion, treating fever, fighting off infections, and treating severe diseases including Rheumatoid Arthritis..

Indian Costus is also known as Kushtha, Costus Oil, and Costus Root with many other names.

Qust al Hindi has found its use in many fields including medicines, fragrances, spices, fixatives, flavouring agents etc.

Although many claim about the medicative properties of Indian Costus, very little scientific research is available to affirm it.

The Qust/Costus is of two types - the Qust al Hindi (Indian wood Costus) and Qust al Bahree (sea incense Costus). The Oud al Hindi is hotter than both while Qust al Bahree is lighter and white in colour.

Mostly the roots of Indian Costus are used in general. Indian Costus/Qust al Hindi can be found in regions like North Asia such as Jammu and Kashmir, the Himalayas, and the Western Ghats.

Studies have indicated that Indian Costus shows better yield in higher altitudes both in seed survival and seed germination.

Components of Indian Costus:

  • Sesquiterpene terpenes

DehydroCostus lactone,
8-cedren-13-ol and

  • Anthraquinones,
  • Alkaloids and
  • Flavanoids

Benefits of Indian Costus (Qust al Hindi):

Benefits of Indian Costus in the treatment of viral infections:

Reports have claimed the benefits of Indian Costus in the treatment of diseases caused by Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.

Indian Costus oil contains compounds such as α-Humulene and Zerumbone which might be responsible for the antimicrobial activity.

Qust has been used to treat various viral infections for ages.

Benefits of Indian Costus in the treatment of Thyroid:

The thyroid is one of the leading diseases in the world. More than 12 million people will suffer from thyroid disorders in their lifetime according to stats.

The thyroid is of two types: Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid.

If thyroid disorders are not treated promptly, they may lead to other severe diseases including cardiac problems.

Reports have proved the efficacy of Costus in thyroid. It can be used as an adjuvant co-therapy for thyroid disorders in the treatments of both Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism.

Benefits of Qust al Hindi according to Islam:

According to Ummu Qays bint Mihsan, he heard the Prophet Mohammed PBUH say:

It is upon you to use ‘Al-‘Uood al-Hindi’ [i.e. Qust/Costus], for indeed it contains seven cures; it is inhaled through the nostrils to relieve throat aches/tonsillitis and placed in the sides of the mouth for the relief of Dhaat al-Janb

                                                                                                              -Bukhari and Muslim

Qust al Hindi is being benefited in various health disorders including tonsils, gas, asthma, dysentery, ulcers and many more.

According to Islamic literature, for the treatment of headaches or tonsils of a child, his/her mother should scrub Qust al-Hindi with water and allow him to inhale it as droplets through his nose.

This remedy can help in the relief of mild disorders effectively.

Benefits of Indian Costus/kustha in ayurveda ( Atharvaveda ) :

शीषमयमुपहामोोरपः । कु त्सवनरद्दैवंसमहवृम्॥

śīrṣāmayamupahatyāmakṣyostanvorapaḥ | kuṣṭhastat sarvaṃ niṣkarad daivaṃ samaha vṛṣṇyam || 5.4.10 ||

Pain in the head, affliction in the eye, and ailment of the body, all that shall the kuṣṭha heal–a divinely powerful (remedy), forsooth! (Bloomfield 1897)

The above lines make it clear the importance of Kustha/ Indian Costus in Atharvaveda.

Another hymn has also indicated that the use of Kustha can help relieve takman, a fever spurred by a variety of illnesses, these illnesses could be anything ranging from Malaria, Typhoid to common cold.

Qust al Hindi as chemical preservatives:

Research has shown the power of Indian Costus as a chemical preservative. These preservatives can minimise infections and food contamination.  

Qust al Hindi has also shown its efficacy in inhibiting the activity of human multidrug-resistant pathogens.

Qust al Hindi precautions:

People who are allergic to the Asteraceae plant family should avoid Qust al Hindi as it may cause allergic reactions such as itching, wheezing, rashes etc.  

The Asteraceae family includes plants such as Chamomile, Dahlias, Lettuce, Sunflower and many more.

If you are allergic to any of the above, it is best to avoid the Indian Costus.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should also avoid Qust al Hindi since no information is present as of now about its effect on such women.

It is best to test a small portion of the hand for any topicals containing Costus oil to avoid any sort of inconvenience later on.

Qust al Hindi side effects:

Indian Costus/Qust al Hindi shows its best effect when taken orally.

However, the Indian Costus contains a contaminant called Aristolochic acid which is nephrotoxic, genotoxic and carcinogenic when taken in excess according to studies.

Strict laws are placed to provide Aristolochic acid-free compounds.

What doses should Qust Al Hindi be taken in

It can be taken orally, inhaled and also applied topically, depending on the condition of the person.

For oral intake: it is best to mix the powder form of Indian Costus with water, juice, and/or honey.

To treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stomach issues, and tract infections 50 grams of Qust al Hindi powder mixed with 50 grams of Black seed powder ( Black seeds also known as Nigella seeds are incorporated with excellent nutritional benefits too, to learn more about its effects, check this out: benefits of black seeds)   half a spoon twice daily can give you the desired results.

For inhalation: to treat Rhinitis ( runny nose), flu, blocked nose, or cold, Indian Costus should either be mixed with a small amount of water and sprayed into the nose or should be turned into powder form and slowly inhaled.

This can help you achieve relief in no time.

This Qust al Hindi powder has to be the best option available in the market to help you achieve the desired results.

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