Your cosmetics might be haram! here's how to get 100% halal-certified cosmetics in India

Your cosmetics might be haram! here's how to get 100% halal-certified cosmetics in India

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Your cosmetics might be haram! here's how to get 100% halal-certified cosmetics in India

Muslim women have always struggled to find the right beauty and personal care products that do not invalidate their Salah. While there is a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free labels available in the market, these products do not qualify as 100% halal-certified makeup brands in India.

Does this mean that Muslim women must refrain from making themselves beautiful or even worse, taking the right care of their skin? Well, certainly not! The rising demand for halal makeup products in India has awakened the industry and now more and more halal cosmetic products in India are available for use.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and also a sensitive one. Taking the right care of the skin is essential but Muslim women were deprived of the right to take care of their skin rightfully because of the lack of halal-certified brands in India.However, now that we have got organic, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics, that are also environment-friendly and 100% free from haram ingredients, you can follow your skincare routine having peace of mind that the products you are using do not play with your Islamic faith.

What is halal certified cosmetics?

Halal-certified products are made to offer ultimate skincare solutions while ensuring that the Islamic faith is not harmed in any way. Halal-certified makeup brands in India not only guarantee purity and quality but also follow strict manufacturing rules and regulations as per Islamic law. This means that the lipstick you are using or the cream you rely on for skincare is 100% halal and there are no traces of Haram ingredients in it.

Islamic laws mention the items that are Haram. The evolving halal cosmetic industry now ensures that the beauty products presented to the Islamic community are not contaminated with these Haram items. The beauty and personal care halal products are made by strictly adhering to halal cosmetics guidelines.

The Iba halal cosmetics in India are one of the finest halal cosmetics available. However, the halal products available in the market do not promote any sort of public adornment as it is not acceptable under Islam.  The wide range of halal cosmetics is aimed at offering more reliable skincare solutions to Muslim women as taking care of the skin is imperative.

Are Halal & vegan cosmetics the same thing?

No, they are not! Often used interchangeably, halal and vegan are two different things and it is important for you to understand the difference. Vegan cosmetics guarantee cruelty-free products which means that any vegan cosmetic would not contain any sort of animal by-product, However, these products aren’t alcohol-free which makes them anti-Islam or haram for Muslim women.

halal cosmetics in India are only those which are free from any animal-derived ingredient as well as alcohol of any type. Once a rare commodity, halal-certified makeup brands in India are plenty and you can choose anyone based on your preference and market rating.

List of haram ingredients in cosmetics

Animal-derived ingredients are haram under Muslim laws. The below-mentioned products are haram and if you find them in any of the halal-certified products, you must be worried about your skincare routine. Before you buy halal cosmetics in India you must read the label for the following ingredients:


Glycerine is a significant by-product of animal fat. It appears as a syrupy liquid that is also made from plants or can also be manufactured synthetically. Glycerine is a verified product used for skin moisturization purposes and is known to be very effective. It is important to check if the glycerine is animal fat derived as it is not permissible. However, plant-based and synthetic glycerine is allowed.


A recommended thickening agent, Gelatin is known for its collagen production abilities. It is a common base for face creams, body lotions, shampoos, or hairsprays. Gelatin is usually derived from animals such as porcine (pork), marine (fish), bovine (beef), or poultry (chicken). While animal-derived products are haram, pig-derived gelatin is completely prohibited in haram. You can however use marine-derived gelatin as it is permissible.



Another waxy substance is made from the fat of wool shearing. It is a recommended skin-promoting ingredient as it is a rich source of cholesterol. It is important to find out that the lanolin is derived from non-halal slaughtered animals so that you can use the skin care product with ease.

Halal cosmetics brands in India

There was once a complete scarcity of halal cosmetics brands in India but with time the brands have grown. There are now reputed halal beauty brands in India that offer halal cosmetics that adhere to Islamic laws.  Some prominent brands for halal makeup in India are:

786 cosmetics India

If you have been longing for halal cosmetics products in India, 786 cosmetics brings you the right solution. The brand follows halal cosmetics guidelines and offers a wide range of halal-certified nail polishes and colors.

Amara halal cosmetics India

Amara halal cosmetics is one of the growing halal cosmetics companies in India that offers a wide range of 100% halal cosmetics to the Muslim population in India. These products do not contain any haram ingredient and hence are permitted in all ways. The brand offers eyeshadow, halal lipstick in India, face masks, foundation and moisturizer, cleansers, and many others under its halal makeup India range.

Iba cosmetics India

Iba cosmetics India is a Halal certified, PETA Certified and 100% Vegan beauty and personal care brand. The brand brings a full range of Halal-certified makeup, skincare products, kits, and more. At any Iba halal care store in Mumbai, you can easily find halal lipsticks, foundations, mascara, eye pencils, foundations, a d many other halal cosmetic products in India. This is the list of halal cosmetics in India which is continuously expanding as many newer and more aware companies are launching halal cosmetics products in India.

Tips to choose Halal Cosmetics

Choosing halal cosmetics in India can be tough, especially when the market is yet expanding as compared to other haram cosmetics companies. When shopping for the right makeup, one must refer to the halal cosmetics brands list in India as mentioned earlier in this article. To ensure you pick only halal cosmetics, you must:

  • Read the label of the products you are buying. Make sure the product is animal fat-free to start with.
  • Further, read the ingredient table to find out if there is any haram ingredient in it.  For example, you must look for CARMINE OR COCHINEAL a common ingredient used in making skin and beauty care products. Carmine is used to putting the red color in the products and is derived from insects. As per Islam, all insects except locust is haram.
  • Check the product for other haram ingredients such as:

1.     Oleic Acid: usually derived from pork or beef and is used in making creams and moisturizers.

2.     Keratin: a popular ingredient used in making hair care products and is derived from sheep or goats.

3.     Lanolin: A type of alcohol derived from animal matter.

4.     Palmitic Acid: It is an animal-derived ingredient and must not be used in halal cosmetics in India

5.     Gelatin: Another pig-derived fat-based ingredient that is not acceptable under Islamic laws and hence prohibited to use under halal cosmetics guidelines.

Not all alcohols are haram as some of them are derived from plants and are not intoxicating when ingested. This type of alcohol includes Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol, and Cetyl alcohol.

Are all soaps halal?

No, not all soaps are halal as they may contain fat from animals and other haram ingredients such as Sodium Tallowate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Oleate, etc.  However, halal soaps in India are now available at an affordable price.

What makes a soap halal?

Any soap under the halal soap list in India must be free from any ingredient that is derived from animals, especially pigs. On the other hand, soaps made with plant-based ingredients and 100% alcohol and fat-free are halal soaps in India. You must read the ingredients table well before buying a soap.

Which soap is halal in India?

The halal soap list in India is expanding gradually and some reputed brands are selling halal soaps with clear mention of the word Halal on the product cover. You must however read the label before buying any soap considering it to be halal.

Which skincare brands are halal?

Some reported Indian halal makeup brands include Amara Cosmetics, 786 Cosmetics, Tuesday In Love, Inika Organic, Iba Halal, Zahara, and more. As more and more aware brands are following halal-certified cosmetics in India, the list of halal cosmetics in India is expanding and Muslim women Are getting several options to choose reliable and 100% halal-certified products for their skincare regime.

Now that you have learned a lot about halal makeup products in India, you must check your existing beauty and personal care products and stop using them if they contain haram ingredients. Instead, Iba cosmetics or buy Amara halal cosmetics India to take care of your Islamic faith and maintain distance from Haram products. 

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