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Orga Essential Cocoa Butter soap100 gm


Orga Essential's Cocoa Butter Soap is formulated for normal skin, dry skin and sensitive skin customer. Cocoa Butter can replensh skin's moisture and create a barrier to protect your skin from moisture loss and also cocoa butter have a very good anti aging property and  helps skin maintain its elasticity and tone...

Orga Essentials Sandal Skincare Soap 100 gm


Orga Essentials’ Sandal Soap is formulated for dry skin and sensitive skins with refreshing Sandal fragrance which is a Good medicine for Pruritus, Dermatitis, Skin allergies, Scabies, Erysipelas, Acne, Urticaria, Pigmentation, Dark spots or skin marks, Uneven skin tone, Fungal infections -- ringworm infection, Blemishes & Herpes..

Orga Essentials -Aloe Vera Skin Toner 100 ml


Orga Essentials’ Aloe Vera Toner soothes, calms and cools your skin from sunburn, inflammation and irritation. It helps in controlling excess sebum production, treats signs of ageing and stimulates skin cell regeneration..

Orga Essentials -Orange Peel Skin Toner 100 ml


Orga Essentials’ Orange Peel Toner with  Vitamin C and Antioxidants which improves skin and reduces effect of ageing.  It's natural cleanser, astringent and skin toner. It helps to tighten the skin without disturbing nature moisture balance. It removes acne, pimple and blemishes of skin.  Provides natural glow to skinCleanses ..

Orga Essentials -Rose Water Skin Toner 100 ml


Orga Essentials’’ Rose water made by distilling pure natural rose petals with steam, Good medicine for the treatment of acne: It's an anti-inflammatory. BenefitsHeals cuts, scars and burnsBalances skin PHBalances skin’s natural oilsNourish and protect skin with its anti-oxidant propertyHelps soothe irritated and red skin:Hel..

Orga Essentials Anti Aging Cream 50 gm


Orga Essentials’ Anti aging cream formulated with based formulated with Jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, shea butter which lightens & brightens uneven skin, reduce dark circles & pigmentation marks while also repairing fine lines, ager spots & other signs of ageing...

Orga Essentials Cedar Wood Skin Tonner 100 ml


Orga Essentials Cedar wood skin  toner reduces the appearance of ageing signs and firms up sagging skin. It lightens blemishes by penetrating deep into the layers of skin and accelerating the process of wound healing. A toner is a water based liquid that completes the three step skincare routine: Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. The use..

Orga Essentials Fairness Cream 50 gm


Orga Essentials' Fairmess Cream is specially designed with Precious ayurvedic ingredients such as Saffron, Turmeric, Licorice, Laksha, Aloevera etc.Turmeric-is a powerful antioxidant that fight free radical damage and gives the glowing skin. Saffron and Turmeric help in healing the sun damage and reducing the tan. Another active ingredient Lic..

Orga Essentials Kumkumadi Gel 50 gm


Orga Essentials' Kumkumadi gel is a unique formulation with Saffron, Manjishta, Lotus, Haldi, Sandal wood extract etc, which protect your skin in all seasons. It Gives beautiful and Radiant skin by minimising dark sports and  pigmentation. Suitable for all skin type and gives moisturizing, smoothening and brightening to skin..

orga essentials mango butter soap 100 gm


Orga Essentials Mango Butter Soap 100 gm A unique formulation with Mango Butter and  coconut oil , which contains essential fats & antioxidants that make it a wonderful choice for mature skin as well. The rich nourishing nature of this butter can even help benefit those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Alo..

Orga Essentials Moisturizing Cream 50 gm


Orga essentials moisturizing creamSpecially formulated with the key ingredientsShea butter, Cocoa butter, Aloevera, Cucumber,Saffron,Rose water andOlive oil Shea butter , Cocoa butter and olive oil provides deep moisturing and anti -inflammatory property to the skin. Rose water is an excellent soothing agent and also ..

Orga Essentials Neem Skincare Soap – 100 gm


Orga Essentials Neem Skincare Soap is an Unique formulation with Neem Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerine. This product Purifies your skin and helps fight pimples and acne and keeps your skin germ free. This product is infused with herbal ingedients that ensure perfectly radient and moisturoised skin..

Orga Essentials Pomegranate Skin Toner 100 ml


Orga Essentials’  Pomegranate toner will leave skin feeling more silky-soft, smooth and firm and effectively removes excess impurities and makeup to clean and clarify mature skin.It easily absorbs layers deep into your skin and provides the right nourishment. It treats dark spots and dullness and imparts a natural, youthful glowrich in an..

Orga Essentials Red Sandal Gel 50 gm


Orga Essentials' Red sandalwood gel is very effective in treating blemishes, rashes and acne. It nourishes to the skin cellsIt helps in regulating the secretion of sebum and makes the pores tight. It's cooling property helps in the reduction of irritation caused by acne. This gel helps in exfoliation and leaves the skin fresh and  re..

Orga Essentials Shea Butter Soap 100 gm


Orga Essentials’ Shea Butter soap  has enriched with shea butter and pure coconut oil which have high concentration of natural vitamins & fatty acids which makes it incredibly nourishing & moisturizing for skin. It is often used to remedy dry skin & to help protect the skin`s natural oils. The unique formulation is designed fo..

Orga Essentials Skin care Soap – Jasmine 100 gm


Orga Essentials Jasmin Skin care soap is formulated with coconut oil , Jasmin Extract and medicated oils which provides refreshing jasmin fragrance and moisturising to skin. It alos helps to improve your skin tone and texture. It is an awesome Glycerin saturating soap that works on both types of skin- dry and oily. Jasmine helps to expand..

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