Digital Azan Clocks and Watches: Modern day Salah Management Solutions

Digital Azan Clocks and Watches: Modern day Salah Management Solutions

Azan Clock: Islam and Timekeeping

Digital Azan Clocks and Watches - Modern day Salah Management Solutions.

With the advent of Islam came a strong emphasis on the study of astronomy and time management in particular. Even pre-Islamic civilizations across the old world from the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Byzantine, Maya, India, and China attributed great importance to the concept of time in their daily spiritual lives.

As the Holy Quran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), daily five times prayers were established as one the pillars of Islam and prescribed for the believers at set times.

Believers strive to observe their prayers at correct times. Knowing the correct prayer time was critical for proper time management especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Working with the knowledge and technology of their days, inventing, refining, and documenting the movements of celestial bodies like the sun and the moon, a standard was established for the Islamic prayer time. Over the centuries, this timekeeping has improved further due to technological advancement.  

Until recently, the print medium was the primary source of prayer timings and Ramadan schedules across all the mosques. However, for the past few decades, lots of mosques and major households have installed electronic and digital prayer clocks capable of calculating local prayer times with Azan and Salah reminders. Nowadays, even wristwatches too come with fully loaded Salah management tools and functionality.

Al-Harmeen Azan Clocks have created an exclusive opportunity for Muslim customers to own the culmination of the best technology, innovation, and quality Azan and Salah management in the form of a wide range of highly efficient and versatile Azan Clocks. Al-Harmeen is one of the few companies in the whole world that provide such products worldwide. offers Al-Harmeen Azan clocks and watches that address the need from large public Salah info displays in mosques, prayer houses, and medium and small size wall clocks to tabletop display units. They have all the Salah needs of a devoted Muslim believer covered. To top it off, Al-Harmeen Azan Clocks & Watches provides an extensive product line of Azan wristwatches that incorporate the same functionality of the larger digital Azan clock you will find in mosques into a portable wrist-worn solution. With minimalist sleek functionality, combined with traditional and modern aesthetics, Al-Harmeen has created a harmonious offering, the first of its kind.


This is an amazing and truly unique product that devoted and practicing Muslim customers will find indispensable in their daily religious activities. AL-Harmeen Azan Clocks and Watches offer a complete range of best in quality and most popular Azan Clocks and Watches on Please visit and avail great offers and discounts on your purchases.

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