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Aamir Galabiyya

A trendy pull over all time classic Galabiyya for regular use. Round neckline with smart 'V' cut. C.....
Rs. 2,230 Rs. 2,030

Aaqil Cream Galabiyya

Daily & Formal Wear Round v-cut neck, dummy buttons for detailing. Utility pockets on both side.....
Rs. 4,290 Rs. 3,900

Aarish White Galabiyya

Daily & Formal Wear Round neck, side open placket with buttons. Utility pockets on both side. S.....
Rs. 3,690 Rs. 3,350

Aariz Light Blue Galabiyya

Daily & Formal Wear Band collar, v-cut neck in criss cross cord puller. Utility pockets on both.....
Rs. 4,530 Rs. 4,120

Aatif Black Galabiyya

Daily & Occasion Wear Stylish band collar,front open placket with buttons. Utility pockets on b.....
Rs. 4,290 Rs. 3,900

Afzal Black Galabiyya

Daily & Formal Wear Straight galabiyya with Shawl collar neck Utility pockets on both side. Str.....
Rs. 4,530 Rs. 4,120

Ammar Beige Galabiyya

Daily & Formal Wear Band collar, front open placket with button closure Running stitch design o.....
Rs. 4,740 Rs. 4,310

Anis White Galabiyya

Daily & Occasion Wear Stand collar with elegant machine hand embroidery Utility pockets on both.....
Rs. 4,350 Rs. 3,950

Baahir Galabiyya

Modest Single color Galabiyya made of fine cotton, suitable for Hajj and small gatherings. Band col.....
Rs. 2,230 Rs. 2,030

Bilal Charcoal Cotton Galabiyya

Latest Thobe for Muslim men, suitable for daily and formal wear use.  Band collar necklin.....
Rs. 5,335 Rs. 2,330

Emran Brown Galabiyya

Daily Wear Band collar,front open placket with button closure. Side slit at bottom. Utility pockets.....
Rs. 4,530 Rs. 4,120

Farhan Blue Chambray Galabiyya

Modest Thobe for regular and special occasion wear use.  Round neckline. Designer denim.....
Rs. 5,985 Rs. 2,760

Ghanim Brown Galabiyya

Daily & Formal Wear Stylish Band collar. Front open placket with fabric loop buttons Utility po.....
Rs. 4,530 Rs. 4,120

Jazib Galabiyya

Dual color all time favourite Galabiyya for formal occasions. Shirt collar neckline in dual colour......
Rs. 2,570 Rs. 2,340

Labib Galabiyya

Admirable one piece Galabbiya with tunisian collar, simple and sophisticated dress available in 4 di.....
Rs. 4,350 Rs. 3,950

Liban Galabiyya

Comfortable dual color Galabiyya for every day wear. Band collar with zip closure in front. Utility.....
Rs. 2,480 Rs. 2,250

Mansoor Galabiyya

Cotton Blue Galabiyya tailored with the finest chambray fabric. Move freely in this formal wear Ban.....
Rs. 4,350 Rs. 3,950

Mansur Galabiyya

A trendy Galabiyya with traditional embroidery work, for all time occasions. Band collar neckline. .....
Rs. 3,200 Rs. 2,910

Maraj Redwood Galabiyya

Daily & Formal Wear Band collar, functional placket with button closure. 2 side front piping fr.....
Rs. 4,470 Rs. 4,060

Nazeer Blue Cotton Galabiyya

Daily & Formal Wear Stylish band collar,front open placket with button closure. Intricate embro.....
Rs. 5,980 Rs. 5,440

Saadah Galabiyya

Elegant single color Galabiyya with band collar neckline, light wear for any occasion. Band collar .....
Rs. 1,990 Rs. 1,810

Sabir Galabiyya

Elegant modest Galabiyya, light weight and most desirable piece for regular wear use. Hidden button.....
Rs. 1,990 Rs. 1,810

Tahir Galabiyya

Full front open Galabiyya, A classic dress for regular use. Band collar neckline. Full front open w.....
Rs. 2,230 Rs. 2,030

Tamir Galabiyya

Simply designed modest Galabiyya, a must have piece for multi occasion use. Band collar neckline. F.....
Rs. 2,050 Rs. 1,860

Zayan White Cotton Galabiyya

White thobe made of fine mill made cotton fabric, suitable for Hajj and small gatherings.  .....
Rs. 5,335 Rs. 2,480
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Every Country, Every Age group or Every Religion, Everyone has a distinctive fashion sense when it comes to the way they want to look. So are the people who follow the religion of Islam in India. There are numerous varieties of Muslim fashion products available in traditional Brick & Mortar stores, Believe me finding them is hard though !! But when we tried to find these products online, we found very limited products available to search from Lacs of other products posted on any reputed sites. Even if some products are found, many out of them don't have Islamic essence in it. There is a gap here where a small bridge or Platform can be built which can link a lot of small traders, Whole sellers and Manufacturers of Muslim fashion products to sell their products to the Vast Muslim Population in India. That is when we thought WE SHOULD BE BUILDING A SITE THAT CATERS THE FASHION NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW THE RELIGION OF ISLAM, THE MUSLIMS !!

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